High-Tech Gadgets and Gifts for Homeowners

High-Tech Gadgets and Gifts for Homeowners

If automating your home and increasing home security with the latest technology piques your interest, you will definitely want to check out these nine high-tech home gadgets that allow you to monitor your home while you are away, make household chores easier and even let you kick back with a glass of iced tea while a robot mows your lawn.

They also happen to make great gifts if you are in search of something unique to give your family members, friends or co-workers for the holidays or a special occasion.

1. LawnBott

The battery-powered LawnBott is a dream gift for homeowners with natural grass lawns but little time to care for them.

We all know the time and money it takes to keep a natural lawn looking its best throughout the year, but you can cut down on one lawn care-related task by including this self-propelled, automatically recharging robotic mower.

Signal technology keeps your automatic mower from straying from your yard, a rain sensor sends it back to its docking station if inclement weather arrives, and a PIN code and GPS tracking system limit who can control your new toy.

You can even schedule multiple mowings per week, and your LawnBott will leave the dock, mow your lawn, return home and recharge without any further effort on your part.

Available from Home Depot for $1,799.00 (at the time of this writing), the LawnBott is not cheap, but it will save you some time when it comes to caring for your lawn.


While the WINBOT is not quite as automatic as the LawnBott, it can make window washing a simpler, safer chore by allowing you to simply turn it on, put it on a window and press start.

After those three easy steps, you can sit back and watch it wash each window before transferring it to the next pane, or you can work on other chores in between.

It works on both framed and frameless windows, and you can even use it on your glass shower door and mirrors.

This might be particularly helpful for homeowners with tall windows or physical challenges that make it difficult to clean windows the old fashioned way.

3. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Every home in California is required to have both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, so why not combine the two and purchase a single, sleek unit that provides these functions and more?

The Nest Protect is just $99.00 per alarm, which is not bad when you consider how significantly it can impact your family’s safety.

Not only does it provide the detection and notification features of conventional smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, it also has a heads-up warning system to let you know when even small amounts of smoke are detected – like if your kids are trying to cook dinner and something is burning.

There also is a synchronization feature that makes all of the Nest Protects in your home sound the alarm if any one of them senses smoke or carbon monoxide, which means the alarm in the master bedroom will sound if smoke is detected in the nursery.

If you have little ones that are sound sleepers and are not easily woken by alarms, there is even a voice alarm feature to alert them of danger.

To top it off, these WiFi enabled alarms will even send an alert to your smart phone if something is awry, which means you will be immediately notified if there is a problem at home, even when you are at work or running errands.

And if all of that is not enough, there is even a handy path light feature that automatically illuminates when you walk under the alarms at night.

4. WeMo Light Switch by Belkin

For less than $50.00, you can increase your home’s security with this WiFi enabled light switch that allows you to turn the light on and off when you are away from home.
Using your smartphone as a remote control, you can schedule the light to come on at a certain time or simply turn the light on and off at will to make it look like you are at home.

It is also pretty handy for folks who always have their smartphone with them and do not always want to get up from the sofa to flip the switch on or off.

5. WeMo Insight Switch by Belkin

Similar to the WeMo Light Switch listed above, this high-tech home gadget comes in at around $50.00 and allows you to control electronics or appliances remotely using your Apple or Android device.

This one comes in handy for turning lamps or televisions on and off to ward off burglars, but it is also useful for saving energy.

The WeMo Insight Switch includes customized notifications to keep you abreast of your home’s energy consumption and allows you to do things like turn on your space heater or fan when you are driving home from work so that your home is a comfy temperature when you arrive (without leaving the heater or fan on all day).

You can also create custom schedules for each of your WeMo Insight Switches to automate your home further.


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